Thursday, August 4, 2011

Am I ready??

Ok so its only 9 days until the Hottest Half!! It is going to be so hot!! I am praying for rain everyday!! So I am in week 9 of my marathon training. This week I am running a total of 41 miles, including my sat long run of 15. I have been running mostly in the early morning, around 5, or on the treadmill!! I am worried that the heat is going to killed me. The race starts at 7:30. The temperature could be at 100 degrees at the end of the race!! That is why I am running this race not expecting a good time! I'm running for completion!! (really hard for me to do that!)
I have another friend running the race too so at least ill have done company. I'm still trying to decide what I am going to wear on race day. I wanted to be able to just wear my running shorts and sports bra since it will be so hot. I dont know if I feel that confident to do that but we will see!!

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  1. Ha! I've started thinking about what to wear, too! I was hoping to wear a skirt and sports bra but may end up wearing my run club singlet since so many from that group are running.