Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Hottest Half

This morning I woke up at 5:15am to get dressed for the Hottest Half. The babysitter came at 5:45 and the hubby and I headed out the door!! I had our pre race breakfast packed to eat on the way. We ate my regular pre race meal (banana and peanut butter cliff bar). My hubby signed up to run the 10K. This was going to be his first race. I was really excited for him, I just wish I could have seen him start and finish. He did really good though (Im not surprised) he ran the 10 k in 59 min. He is awesome, not training to run and just went out there and kicked butt!! My mom and her boyfriend and his brother were also running the 10K. It is awesome to see family member running races. My mom has never workout before and the last 3 months she has been running a lot and wanted to try a race. I am very proud of her and my hubby!! This is a picture from my phone showing the weather this morning. Can we say Humid!!!

Pre race photo: Charisma, Victoria, Kristi and me

Gary, Mom, Hubby, and Steve
(We are looking good!!)

Love this pic of me and my wonderful hubby!!

So my initial plan for this race was to go out and run and not think about time. Well I think that is impossible for me. My second plan was to get a sub 2 half!! I don't know why I wanted to go for that on the Hottest half!! But being the overachiever I am that was my plan. I was feeling great until mile 10, then I started to get tired. I was really tired lung or leg wise. I was definitely tired mental wise. I have got to find me a running partner to run with so we can push each other. I was starting to get bored and ready to be done. I think it was at mile 11. This lady was holding up a sign saying "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!" That just happens to be my favorite scripture. I pushed hard after that. I ended up running the race in 2:00:33, (09:14 pace) When I saw that I was think really are you serious, 33 seconds. If only I would have not stopped at that last water stop!! It sucks to be that close but hey I am not going to complain. I finished the race and didn't have to see the medic!! I would have know how close I was if my garmin would have located satellites faster. I turned on my Garmin way too late and the gun went off and my garmin wasn't ready. Oh well lesson learned!!

This lady rocks! I passed her in the marathon and she was just a running!! I thought there is no way this lady will finish this race. She looked like she could just pass out any minute!! She is hardcore! She finished the marathon in 2:22!! Thats crazy, maybe I will (hope to) be like here when I get old!!


  1. Way to go! That lady did awesome! Wow...

  2. Nice work Shanda! You make running a marathon in 100 degree weather look so natural and appealing. Love the pic of you and Kyle. And, um, the pic of the lady? Yeah, she pretty much rocks and pretty much reinforces the fact that I have become a lazy slouch since I can't find the motivation to get on the elliptical for even 15 min these days. ;) Strong work, sister!

  3. Ugh! I have an iPhone pic of 100% humidity too!! GROSS! =) Way to get out there though despite that awful weather!