Friday, August 12, 2011

New Running Gear

Well it is my favorite thing to do.... Buy running shoes!! On tuesday I headed to Run on and got some new shoes. In the past I have always ran wearing asics. I decided to switch it up and try a new style. The last running shoe that I bought were Asics Kayona! They are structured cushioning shoe. So I got the Brooks Ravenna 2 shoes. I ended up getting a half size bigger than my last pair of running shoes. I was having trouble with the toes on my left foot getting blisters. My toenails were also falling off on that foot. So I decided to try a half size bigger. Its funny because I wear a 7.5 shoe and run in an 8.5!! Tonight was my first run with the shoes and so far I like them a lot. I really like the dark mess, they will stay clean longer!!

I also got a new pair of Saucony running shorts. I am wearing them on my race so you can see pics later!!


  1. I love the shoes, I am an Asics runner but I am starting to think about branching out a little. I have heard great things about Brooks shoes. I like the colors on that one. I am also an 8.5 running shoe and a 7.5 normal shoe! I didn't discover this until many many blisters!

  2. Sounds like we have the same feet!! Did getting a size bigger help with the blisters??