Friday, July 22, 2011

Longest Run

Well this week has been a very busy running week. I am going out of town this weekend and will be unable to run so I did all 5 of my runs during the week. Usually I have a day of rest in the middle of all these runs. But since I didn't want to miss a run (since I am addicted to running now) I had to do it all in a row. After this mornings run I am tired and ready for a day of rest. Here is what I did this week:

Monday: 4 mile run
Tuesday: 7 mile run with 45 min session with personal trainer (Legs and Abs)
Wednesday: 7 mile run
Thursday : 4 mile run with 45 min session with personal trainer (Arms and shoulders and abs)

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and headed out the door for my longest run since my marathon in April. I needed to do 14 miles at a comfortable pace. This morning started out with the temperature at 82 degrees. It felt so muggy. The first 2 miles just felt horrible, stiff and just out of synch. After the first two miles I was feeling really good. I wore my fuel belt and brought with me about 28 ounces of half gatorade and half water. I am starting to get bored with all the routes I have been running. I have always walk out the door and pick a direction to run. I feel like Forrest Gump when I am running around the city. I need to venture out of this area. Don't you just hate it when you are running and pass something that sounds so good. Today I past Mcdonalds and I am in love with their mango pineapple smoothies!! I also passed a local bakery called Nothing Bunt Cakes and I so could have walked in there and ate a whole cake. Luckily they were closed. At about mile 9 I was beginning to run low on liquid so I found a 7/11 and filled up my bottles with ice water. They were nice to let me fill them up and not charge me. I think they took one look at me and thought wow is she sweaty she looks thirsty. I finished 14 miles exactly at my driveway. I was feeling pretty good but it was hot. The temperature was 88 degrees. I am worried about the Hottest Half coming up in 3 weeks. The race doesn't start until 730 and I was finishing up at that time today. So it will definitely be hot. My finish time today was 02:17:25. I was happy with that time. I looked at my watch at exactly 13.1 mile and my time was 2:09. So if I run that on race day then I will have a PR. I am not planning on making a PR though. I am just running for fun.....

Overall a good week. The miles are going to just keep piling on as the weeks go by in my training!!

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