Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursdays thoughts

1... I was ready a blog the other day and the runner is doing the INSANITY workout!! Its a 60 day hard core workout! About a year ago I wanted do p90x to help loss baby weight. So I bought it and did it for about 2 weeks and then put it in the draw and forgot about it. After reading her blog I decided to pull it out of the draw and give it a try!! Running was just not getting me where I want to be physically. Most people think that just because you run marathons that your are in excellent shape!! But as many say you can still have skinny fat. Meaning that fat layer over your abdominal muscles. So it had been three days on p90x. I have been doing that workout on top of my running workouts! Hope I don't tire my self out!! Running comes first though I have to get my miles in!!

2... Toenails!!! Ok so here's the deal. I ran my marathon on april 10 and the toenails are still falling off! On my left foot 2 toenails have already fallen off completely. On the right foot one is about to come off! This is not a good thing for he summer! Ugly toes in the summer is just not cute! So I'm wondering if it is a shoe problem or what?? Guess I'll have to do more research on it!!

3... Running in the heat and humidity is not fun! Training through the winter was much more enjoyable!! Maybe by the end of the summer I'll be more accustomed to running in the heat!!

4... Speed work is paying off! I ran 5 miles tonight at an average pace of 8:10. I felt really good running tonight! Maybe all the dreaded speedwork will help me get a sub 4 marathon!! We shall see in october!!

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  1. Yikes! That's not cool about the toenails! I'm sure it's not the same but can you paint over the skin where the nail should be to make it look a little better? Sorry I can't help with the cause... I'm working out my own shoe issues. Maybe changing shoes would help, though? When I got my new shoes the guy asked if I've changed my running form or done more strength training. He said stronger legs can change your form without you realizing it.

    Good job on your speedwork. I haven't been doing any. Again.

    I read somewhere that if we perservere through summer running we will be rewarded in the fall. Hmmm... I hope so!