Monday, April 4, 2011

Feeling Good

I just got through running 8 miles and it felt very good. I ran in the dark tonight, which is very pleasant. Its crazy that running 8 miles is one of my easy short runs. I ran at a 9 minute pace. I felt so comfortable running tonight. I think I could have ran the full marathon tonight. It is because the weather was great, just the way I like it. The temperature was 54 degrees with NNW winds at 6 mph. Lets just say perfect!!! I don't think I will be that lucky on race day. As of right now the temperature is suppose to be a high of 92 degrees with a 20-30% chance of rain. I hope the temperature isn't that high because I have not trained for that temperature. I guess I will take what I get. Todays run made me more confident that I will finish the race feeling good.

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